Advanced Cash up to


of Accounts Receivable

Factoring Details


Credit Limit
Subject to Due Diligence
Maximum 90 days
Interest Rate
Minimum 7% per annum
Juristic Person who runs business more than 1 year

*Conditions are subject to comprehensive consideration.

Product Description

Factoring provides working capital and liquidity solution for your business. Siam Saison will make payment in advance up to 90% of the accounts receivable to you after receipt of the delivery note and invoice, whereby the remaining of the account receivable will be transfered to your account once the buyer makes the payment to Siam Saison.

*Structure and scheme are subject to due diligence.

Key Benefits

Manage working capital and liquidity enhancement easily and effectively

No need for collateral

Accounts receivable collection services, which is time-saving and cost-efficient

How to Apply

Approval Period

Within 7 business days after documentation completed

How to Use

  1. Deliver products and/or services to buyer
  2. Receive cash from Siam Saison in minimum of 3 business days after receipt of the delivery note and invoice
    (up to 90% of accounts receivable)
  3. After buyer’s payment to Siam Saison confirmed, receive the remaining accounts receivable

*There will be additional requirements depending on the conditions.

Where to Use Credit/Cash

Use for business propose

Required Documents

Contact Form


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