SCG International Released the News about Siam Saison

We are pleased to announce that SCG International has released an article about Siam Saison, which emphasizes the financial solutions of Siam Saison.

SCG International ส่ง Siam Saison ผลักดันโซลูชันซัพพลายเชนครบวงจร มอบสินเชื่อสำหรับลูกค้า กลุ่มธุรกิจคาดเป้าปล่อยวงเงิน 3 พันกว่าล้านบาทในปี 2567 – SCG NEWS CHANNEL

Mr. Jirapun Sakulwong, Managing Director of Siam Saison, stated, “Our past experience of providing credit to a diverse range of industries has granted us a deep understanding of the cash flow management difficulties our customers face. In Thailand, many entrepreneurs possess the potential for growth, yet they encounter hurdles when seeking conventional financial solutions for business expansion. Siam Saison aims to contribute to the creation of a more robust business ecosystem, acting as a link between buyers and sellers, such as contractors and suppliers of construction materials. Our role is instrumental in reducing the risks linked to business growth.”

Siam Saison was Featured by the Popular YouTube Channel “Manoottangwai”

The popular YouTube Channel “Manoottangwai” has featured our valued client’s story, who could expand her business by utilizing Siam Saison’s product!!
We highly appreciate Manoottangwai for featuring our story, and we are highly pleased to able to co-work with Ms. Jay Loui to make her dreams come true.

From the dream of ‘Jay Loui’ at the age of 15, just like her grandfather, her dream was to own a real estate business, even though she had no initial capital and knowledge.

Dreams may not come true every time, but Jay Loui never gave up. She kept studying land locations in order to plan the smooth and efficient fund management without reducing product quality, in order to create credibility for her own business. After partenering with Siam Saison, now she is able to carry out the “Happy Homes” project, a business that builds more than 300 houses in Ubon Ratchathani province. Generate income and create careers for the team and construction contractors who join in connecting on this dream journey together.

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