Project Backup Finance


Credit Limit of Project Value

Project Backup Finance Details

Project Backup Finance

Credit Limit
Maximum 70% of the project value
Subject to the project schedule
Interest Rate
15.0% per annum
Juristic Person who runs business more than 1 year Government related projects only

*Conditions are subject to comprehensive consideration.

Product Description

Project Backup Finance allows contractors to purchase materials and work smoothly in accordance to the assigned and announced projects by performing right transfer contract from government-project sector.

Key Benefits

Manage working capital and liquidity enhancement easily and effectively

No need for collateral

Accounts receivable collection services, which is time-saving and cost-efficient

How to Apply

Approval Period

Within 7 business days after documentation completed

How to Use

  1. Submit construction agreement with government (requires right transfer agreement)
  2. Receive credit limit for material purchasing from Siam Saison (up to 70% of the phase value)
  3. Connect with Siam Saison LINE OA
  4. Purchase product and select payment options
  5. After government’s payment to Siam Saison confirmed, receive the remaining amount by cash

*There will be additional requirements depending on the conditions.

Where to Use Credit

Required Documents

Contact Form

Project Backup Finance

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